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The Prince of the Sea...

27 September
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I'm Manaphy! In my human form! Mehhsprit taught me how a really long time ago! I haven't seen her lately...or Mama Aself...

Anyway, this island is really fun! Especially since I can talk to humans now! They usually don't believe me when I tell them I'm Manaphy, but that's okay. I'm really bad with names too, but Hoi didn't mind, so that's okay too.

It's a really fun challenge to talk in my normal form! I make some silly mistakes, I think, but it's really fun! Rechie taught me a lot of words. Mm-hm.

I really like to play! And, um...I really like someone, too...Oh! Um, but anyway...

I'm Manaphy! Wait, I said that already. I think. Anyway, bye!

RP journal for pokedressing. Played by ionneos.
friends, mama azelf and may, playing, swimming, talking human-speech, temple of the sea